A non-cliche topic for today: Working Moms’ Lunchboxes!

It used to happen every time I go to the supermarket that I try to grab all sort of quick ready snack to take with me to the office and every morning I stand in the kitchen with the fridge door open looking for quick options for my lunchbox, until I started shopping wisely, (for groceries as am still not-so-wise in personal shopping) and preparing my lunch box the night before!

All depends on your eating habits, whether you like to keep munching all day or you have 3 scheduled separate meals, the length of your work day and of course your food type preference.

For me, my days are not so long, so I usually have breakfast at work and keep on drinking water and munching lightly until I go home for lunch.

Tips on easy preparation of lunch boxes:

  • Prepare the lunch box the night before and refrigerate
  • Make use of leftovers
  • Some snacks/ meals can be prepared in quantities so do that & keep in the freezer for the day or week after
  • Do not season meals ahead of time
  • Try to figure out a schedule for yourself where you can also measure the number and types of meals that you need

 What can your lunch box contain?

Below table has a lot of options for you to mix and match, all healthy & easy…enjoy !

Sunday Monday Tuesday  Wednesday Thursday
Turkey and cheese wrap Crackers with              cheddar Labni and olive wrap Milk with cereal White/ brown toast  with cheese
Baby carrots & Cucumber slices Rice with vegetables Toasted pita bread with Hummus dip Potato salad  Peaches/ Berries
 Fruit yogurt Pasta with red sauce Salted crackers Fruit smoothie Yogurt & cucumber salad
Avocado salad Popcorn/ Edamame Apples/ Oranges  Dried fruits/ Dates Grapes/ Banana
Mixed vegetable salad Nachos & dip Pizza slice  Watermelon/ Sweet              melon Yogurt
Cherry tomatoes Assorted nuts Brown toast with peanut butter Fruit juice Fruit salad


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