In our days, it’s very important that we enroll our kids in nurseries and really qualified ones before they join school.

The reasons being as below:

  • Kids will get used to being around other kids and educators
  • The nursery would be stepping stone and introduce them to the school routine in terms of attendance, behavior in class, discipline and reaction with and around their classmates.
  • In case of working moms, kids will get used that each of the family members has a place to go to, mom & dad have to go to work and kids have to go to day cares & schools, thus reducing the separation suffering when kids have to g o full time to school.

Kids will learn new skills easily as they learn by imitation and through play and fun.

Selecting a nursery or a preschool is a very important, very exciting and a very overwhelming process for you and your child. You ought to start by assessing if your child is ready for this move and then look for the "right" nursery.

As there a lot of things that you should look into when choosing a nursery, we have selected the most important that you should start by narrowing before you take your decision:

Official Registration & Inspection of the facility.The number one criteria in any nursery, preschool, daycare or even school should be official recognition. You should be sure that this facility is controlled by a governmental department that supervises all aspects of it and implements regular inspections on various levels.

Safety. It’s the number two requirement, after official recognition that we should look for in nurseries, school, play areas and all kinds of facilities that our kids visit or spend time at.

Hygiene. Spending a day at the facility and looking around will expose to you all the details that you need to know including the cleanliness policies followed by the preschool. If kids are taught and assisted to wash their hands before eating. After eating. After using the toilet. After painting. Before napping. Etc.… because even if you taught your child all of those, if he is not reminded of it, especially at a young age, he would tend to neglect it. Follow up is necessary.

Openness & Transparency. It’s very important that parents are welcomed into the facility and allowed to explore it in preparation to leave their child at it.Transparency is also on of the things to look into, as you need the educators and administration to be transparent and give you feedback about all what’s going on during your child’s day. (There will be another article talking about what you need to know from the educator/ teacher at your child’s nursery/school)

The educational philosophy for the nursery. It’s up to you to choose whether you prefer that your child learns in a traditional way and through methods that include practicing and imitating or through a discovery-based program.

Qualifications of the staff. It’s your full right to ask about your child’s educator level of education, qualifications and background and it’s very important that the facility staff get regular and continuous training from qualified sources.

Active play. Make sure that the nursery or preschool gives a set time and promotes physical activity as it is critical for the development of a child's gross motor skills and supports health and well-being. Kids also need to have time for fine motor activities, such as snipping paper strips, and pre-writing activities. Regular exposure to these tasks develops the hand skills.

Potty Training. Some mommies might need help in training their kids so it’s good to know if you’ll get the required support from the nursery.

Dealing with discipline. This is a very important issue, as parents have different approaches on disciplining their kids. They will have to sit with the respective people at the preschool and discuss the methods they follow with discipline.

Those are some of the main things to look for, the list continues and as you start the process, more things will come up.

I hope this list is helpful & good luck for those looking for nurseries and preschools.

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