Have you ever felt helpless and clueless when your little one bursts suddenly into unexplained cries at the middle of the night? or when he feels fussy and uncomfortable and starts crying non stop after he's eaten and changed??

Well, it has happened to all of us at some point, it's not easy to find out why they're crying as there are several causes that we might not directly think of.

Reasons for sudden cries:

  • Hunger would be the first reason, you might have accidentally missed their feeding time or probably there feeding needs have increased and you might not be aware yet.
  • if you're sure that it's nt feeding time, then it might be changing time. Some babies let you know right away when they need to be changed. Others can tolerate a dirty diaper for quite a while.
  • right after comes sleep, your little one might be sleepy and tired and is unable to do so. some kids tend to fall asleep very easily regardless of the surrounding situation, while others might not, they might require a sleeping routine including the place, light, sound, etc...
  • if it's non of the above, then they might be asking for some cuddling, some close time with mommy or daddy. babies might be feeling lonely and they long for mommy's touch and her familiar smell...hold them close and cuddle them for a while, it's always a win win situation.
  • one of the most common reasons for babies cries would be tummy troubles, might be gasses, or colic issues or even digestion troubles, even if the only thing they're having is milk.
  • you might not think of this reason right-away when you're in the middle of a brainstorming session to figure out the cries...it's Burping! babies might be bloated and need to burp so they feel fussy and not comfortable until its out.
  • babies might get uncomfortable and start crying if they're feeling too cold or too hot.
  • a simple small thing like a hair wrapped around their finger or toe would cause them immense pain and thy would cry nonstop until its removed. its also something that you won't directly think of, like needing a back scratch if they're feeling itchy for some reason.
  • Teething is one of the very common reasons that causes so much pain for babies and there's nothing much to be done about it.
  • Babies might also cry if they are in a very busy, crowded and noisy place, they might need a quieter atmosphere.
  • sickness is also a very common reason, if babies are not well, like they are about to have a flu or a fever they might be feeling fussy and nagging without having clear symptoms.

Babies are not able to tell you what's hurting them, they can only cry to show you that something is wrong and you will have to figure the cause out. but don't be puzzled, mommy always knows what is wrong with her baby...

In our coming article we will look at how to deal with each and every reason mentioned above.

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