In a previous article we listed some reasons that might cause babies to cry suddenly, now we will be looking at how to soothe those cries.

When our little one starts crying without a clear reason we start by the easiest solutions we have like feeding, changing their nappy and trying to put him to sleep, but there are a lot of other things that we have to look for like:

  • checking fingers and toes for a tangled hair which is very painful but not easy to detect.
  • putting the baby on his tummy to get gases out and similarly carrying him to make sure he burps. babies feel a lot of comfort after they burp. On the other hand, there is not much to do for colic babies except giving them their colic medicine and wait until the pain is over.
  • making sure they are not too cold or not too hote like if they're under or over dressed
  • taking them to another room or corner as they might just need a quiter or busier scene.
  • checking baby's temperature is one of the important things to do as they might be getting hot and about to get sick.
  • applying teething gel or giving them a teething toy as to relieve pain if we suspect that they are teething.
  • hugging cuddling and spending some close time. baby might be missing you and unable to tell you. hold, cuddle, hug, kiss and enjoy the moment with you little bundle of joy...

Babies won't cry without a reason and it's not always a clear one, but with experience we start understanding our baby's needs and wants and also their expression of it...

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