As if your travel life needed a twist!

Travelling alone is not so tiring; it might even be fun and enjoyable as you lie in your seat watching a movie w or taking a short nap, but with a baby!!! It’s a completely different story!

Travelling will never be the same again but it might still have a bright side to it. With a baby you might find that airport and plane staff suddenly got friendlier, facilitating your entries and exits, responding to your on-board requests quicker and even sometimes, offering to take the baby while you eat or go to the toilet! Now that's something we rarely think of when dreading what will happen during the flight.

From my personal experience and as a frequent traveler, once every 4 months, I would say that I have always had a relatively pleasant flight with the kids since they were newborns.

Getting ready for travelling with a baby is the key to minimizing the “mental damage” that could happen and reaching your destination sane enough to accept the fact that you have to take another flight back!

Aside from getting your own self ready by wearing and carrying lightly, you have to get your baby & his travel gear ready.

The below checklist almost sums all what you need to pack with you when travelling with a baby:

  • Collapsible stroller for the airport walks
  • Thin blankets or sheets for different purposes
  • Pacifiers, more than one, if your baby is on a pacifier
  • Nursing blanket in case you are breastfeeding
  • Pumped milk well stored (as a pump might be bulky to carry)
  • Sterilized bottles
  • Formula milk already portioned for every meal, as to avoid measuring milk and carrying the whole can
  • A small water bottle, if you need more the hostess would provide
  • Food jars portioned for every meal and preferable in disposable containers
  • Disposable spoons
  • Disposable large bibs to avoid restacking your bag with dirty bibs
  • Diapers; aim at one for every 2 hours and 2 additional in case the flight got delayed or you had to transit
  • Changing pad
  • Wipes
  • Diaper rash cream
  • Plastic bags to dispose the dirty diapers
  • Small bottles containing baby wash, baby powder and baby lotion
  • Tissues
  • Extra sets of clothes, at least two and go for something light and doesn’t take space in the bag, in addition to socks
  • Baby’s favorite toys, of course the small ones
  • A toy teether
  • Ear or nose drops in you feel your baby’s ears might hurt
  • Fever medicine which also helps the baby to calm down if you feel that they’re extra fussy and not comforntable
  • An extra top/ shirt for yourself especially if you’re breastfeeding

Some useful tips when and while packing:

  • Make a checklist to follow
  • Start packing 2-3 days earlier and put everything in as you remember
  • Put the clothes sets in separate zipper bags so you don’t have to dig for them when you’re in a hurry
  • Don’t forget that you’ll get a baby crib on the plane but have to request it at the same time you do the booking; it will be easier for you to eat or stretch especially if baby is sleeping.

Once you have a baby you will start seeing things from a different perspective. Nothing you do or experience will be the same again but you have to find the positive side and the benefits in all what you go through with your babies.

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