I've been following mommy blogs for 5 years now, since I had my first baby & what i learned was priceless.

Mommies posted their experiences, day to day happenings with their children, they shared the happy moments & the frustrations, and through it all, each one of us, the reader mommies, was looking for the advice she needs, for a similar situation from which she can benefit.

Mommy blogs gave me a lot of support when i needed it. For those reasons i decided to start my own blog.

Now that i have 2 kids, I've got my own experience, my own awes and ooos to talk about, my own hands-on, off & around life with little ones. Now, i feel the urge to share with other mommies all about my life with kids, from my own point of view, from where I'm standing.

I'm a working mom of 2 girls, my life consists of waking up, getting myself and the little ones ready, off to school and office, back home for lunch, showers, bedtime & repeat. In the middle of all of this, comes the love, the hugs, the cuddles, the laughs, the joys, the milestones, the birthdays, the vacations and comes the tears, the discipline, the dirty floors, the wet beds, the ear aches, the doctor visits, the homework, the rebelling & repeat :) and this is the core of what I will be sharing !

Remember; in motherhood and parenting, there is no black or white, it’s always grey !

I’m open to all suggestions & I appreciate your feedback and comments !

Enjoy reading :)

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