Travelling with a kid has never been easy, but there a lot of factors that affect how a baby or a toddler behave or feel during the flight.

To avoid unhappy happenings which, most of the times, come out as tantrums,  be ready with all what your kid might want and all what you think would give him a familiar surrounding that he likes and feels comfortable in.

Factors that play a role in how your kid will act and how he feels include the timing of the flight, his pre-flight day and happenings, sickness, or just his mood!

Although travelling with a toddler is relatively easier than travelling with a baby but you still have to be careful while packing and not forget some important items.

Listed below are some items that can help:

  • Fold-able light stroller
  • A light sheet or blanket
  • \Water
  • Wipes
  • An extra change of clothes
  • Snacks
  • Disposable spoons & forks
  • Toys or tablet
  • Pull ups (if toddler is not fully trained)
  • Ear or nose drops
  • Fever medicine
  • Small bottles of toiletries (hand wash, shower gel, hand cream…)
  • Tissues
  • Disposable bibs (if needed)

Tips on what to do before travelling:

  • Try booking a night flight when your baby would sleep\
  • Talk to your baby and prepare them for the trip
  • Try to book aisle seats if you think your baby is going to move a lot
  • Try to board early and get exit seats for extra space where the baby can sit on the floor and play
  • Register for child meals when booking your flight

After all, travelling for a long distance might be tiring and boring for us as well as for our children, whatever their age is, so just think ahead of time of ways and stuff to entertain them and keep them distracted and comfortable.

Happy "sane" travels :)

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