Now that you are pregnant you should be doing double the effort to stay healthy; taking care of yourself has never been more important. Especially when you know that your health is directly related to your baby's health and well being !

Overwhelmed by all the tips and advice that are being thrown at you since day 1 of your pregnancy? The simple guideline below gives a simplified view of what you can do to boost your chances in a healthy pregnancy.

Taking your prenatal vitamins
  • Folic Acid: should be taken first 3 months of pregnancy helps decrease the risk of neural tube defects by 70

Other vitamins to take in addition to Folic Acid
  • Iron: needed to make hemoglobin, the oxygen-carrying component of red blood cells which circulate throughout the body to deliver oxygen to all its cells
  • Calcium: growing baby's require large amounts of calcium, so you should increase your calcium consumption to prevent a loss of calcium from your own bones
  • Vitamin A:important for the baby's embryonic growth, including development of the heart, lungs, kidneys, eyes, & bones as well as the circulatory, respiratory, and central nervous systems
  • Vitamin B12: helps keep the body's nerve and blood cells healthy and helps make DNA, the genetic material in all cells


Getting enough fluids is a must for everyday health and especially during pregnancy as the pregnant woman's blood thickens and drinking enough fluids helps prevent constipation and dehydration.

Enough Sleep

It's very important to sleep for long hours as you're body is working hard to accommodate the new visitor. You should also try to lay down and find a position that gives you comfort as your body changes. Try to keep your legs elevated for some time during the day to prevent swelling & cramping.

Weight gain

Watch your weight gain! Your care practitioner should be advising on your ideal weight gain monthly and throughout your pregnancy period. You should gain pregnancy weight gradually. Studies have also show a link between the pregnant woman's weight and delivery smoothness, so if you want an easy and smooth delivery watch your weight.

Plus, you will need to be fit and lose that wait easily after delivery as to be able to take care of your newborn.

Staying fit

If you have been highly or moderately active before getting pregnant there's a huge chance to be able to continue during your pregnancy, of course, your Doctor should advise whether physical activity of any type and intensity is recommended or not.

Get your self ready for delivery and after by doing daily Kegel exercises that strengthen the muscles of your pelvis as it loses its elasticity during pregnancy.

Doing regular and moderate exercise during pregnancy helps in:

  • prevent excess weight gain
  • reduce pregnancy related problems, like back pain, swelling, and constipation
  • improve sleep
  • increase energy
  • improve outlook
  • prepare for labor
  • lessen recovery time

Oral Health

Hormonal changes during pregnancy can make your gums prone to diseases and the increased levels of progesterone and estrogen sometimes can affect your gum health causing bleeding, swelling and tenderness in most cases.

Avoid during pregnancy
  • Alcohol
  • Smoking
  • Caffeine
  • Pets' litter boxes
  • Unpasteurized cheeses
  • Uncooked meats and fish


Remember that you are the sole responsible of your baby's health for the coming 9 months so take care of your health for both of you !

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