Kids love pasta no matter how it was cooked, so let's just make it as healthy as possible for them.

Today's recipe is pasta with vegetables in tomato sauce.

You will need:

- pasta

- tomatoes peeled and cut to very small pieces

- capsicum cut to small cubes

- garlic some mashed and some whole pieces

- corn

- pees

- onions cut to small cubes

- carrots cut to small cubes

- broccoli cut to small cubes (as much as possible)

- aubergine cut in small cubes

- tomato sauce

- salt

-white pepper

- oregano

- basil

- vegetable oil

how to:

  • Boil the pasta and set aside
  • in a separate pot put some vegetable oil, once hot enough add some mashed garlic and the tomato cubes and leave for a minute or two to cook, then add the carrots and some water. once the carrots are cooked, add the pees and leave them for a short while to cook as well.
  • then add the rest of the vegetables with some tomato sauce and some water (if needed) and add the garlic as well as salt, pepper, oregano and basil.
  • after the sauce becomes thick enough and well blended add the pasta and again let cook for a couple of minutes just to have the pasta absorb the flavor...
  • you can add some olives, cherry tomatoes or finish it up with some Parmesan...

The kids will just love it as it has their favorite ingredient(s) and it's healthy...


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