This topic has been discussed before and we listed various options of meals for babies of different ages.

Today, we will list some more options that are both; easy & healthy as well as some preparation tips.

Breakfast options:

  • Option # 1:

Milk with baby biscuits

  • Option # 2:

Orange juice with baby biscuits

  • Option # 3:

Mashed peaches and apples

  • Option # 4:

Mashed banana and milk

  • Option # 5:

Brown toast with yogurt

Lunch options:

  • Option # 1:

Steamed broccoli and beetroot --- to be blended

  • Option # 2:

Steamed carrots, potato, zucchini --- to be blended

  • Option # 3:

Vegetable soup with chicken/ meat --- to be minced

  • Option # 4:

Steamed rice with yogurt

  • Option # 5:

Steamed vegetable rice with chicken --- to be minced

Snack Options:

  • Option # 1:

Baby biscuits

  • Option # 2:

Mashed avocado

  • Option # 3:

Sweet potato

  • Option # 4:

Fruit yogurt

  • Option # 5:


Below are some useful tips to follow while preparing baby meals; check them out.

Tip # 1:

Grind some raw almonds and add a teaspoon to your baby’s meals (do not cook with)

Tip # 2:

Do not mince or blend the food completely, keep some textures as to make it easy for your child to go to the next stage in meals where he is getting a much more solid food texture.

Tip #3:

Try not to thaw food in the microwave, thawing food in the refrigerator is safer

  • Tip # 4:

Avoid adding sugar, salt or seasoning to your baby’s meal as it’s not necessary

  • Tip # 5:

Try not to keep the food in the fridge more than 2 days and in the freezer more than 4 days.

I hope you find our suggestions and tips useful and stay posted for more !

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