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With the rising worry about healthcare and the side effects of medication, people are resorting to more natural ways considering it be safer and more reliant.

And while you'll find a lot of information here and there on natural combinations and chemical free remedies, do some homework and research a bit more!

Below are some Natural Remedies that have been tried, but shouldn't be considered as medical cures to any sort of illness. And again, do some homework, research about each ingredient alone and as a whole combination before trusting and using!

Single ingredient remedies
  • Watermelon can help in curing headaches caused by the summer heat
  • Grated cucumbers applied over the whole face and neck are good for reducing blackheads and acne
  • Pomegranate Juice is good for people who suffer from Hypotension
  • Basil leaves if chewed after a meal can help in preventing acidity
  • Apples eaten on an eaten stomach can help in reducing the pains of migraine
  • Dates boiled in milk can work as a cough remedy
  • Cooked beets consumed on an empty stomach can ease constipation
 Juices of mixed ingredients
  • Mix carrots, lemon, mint & pineapple to ease indigestion
  • Mix cucumber, kale, apples, ginger and celery to cure headache
  • Mix spinach, carrots and celery to fight diabetes
  • Mix carrot, apple, spinach and beetroot to fight depression
  • Mix strawberry, banana and pear to fight anxiety and stress
  • Mix ginger, garlic, pineapple and carrot to fight cold
  • Mix garlic, onion, yogurt, olive oil and dried mint leaves to fight cold
Natural Facials
  • Egg white, lemon and rose water to tighten the skin and reduce fine lines
  • Honey and lemon to reduce fine lines and decrease blemishes and dark spots
  • Aloe Vera and egg white to fight aging and protects the skin from reappearing wrinkles
  • Potato pulp and lemon to remove dark spots and tone the skin
  • Oatmeal and milk to get rid of enlarged pores

We will be sharing ingredients and methods of implementation in another article.

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