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"Beating the summer Heat" subject has been tackled a million times plus, but a short and sweet refresher is always good...

We listed some very easy and feasible tips that can help you fight the burning days.

Who is Most Prone to be affected by the heat:

- Children as they spend most of the day playing outdoors

- People who commute a lot during the day even outside the heat peak hours

- People with illness related to lungs, heart or blood pressure

Preventive measures to follow if you'll be exposed to the sun for some time:

- Wear loose light clothing

- Drink plenty of water

- Eat fruits and vegetables

- Apply sunscreen to exposed areas

- Invest in good sunglasses

- Keep a wide hat on

- Don't eat greasy and heavy food


Goes without saying that one should avoid those burning days and getting largely exposed during peak hours but sometimes it's inevitable...

Stay safe...


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