Hello there, my name is Rasha.

I'm married to my better half living in Abu Dhabi with our 2 daughters. I have a full time job at one of the top range financial institutions in UAE in addition to my initial and fuller time job as a mommy. I love travelling, reading, & cooking, although I don't do much of the latter but i still love it. I also love reading a good book at the beach, but I don't have this luxury anymore :) a day at the beach nowadays is more like "mom, I have sand in my eyes", or "I need the toilet right away" or "where is my watermelon !"

I love fashion and I'm nearly obsessed over bags and sometimes watches :) & YES i do go through most of my days with sanity WITHOUT CAFFEINE or VODKA ! The most important of it all is that I'm so deeply and terribly in love with my hubby & my 2 daughters. In SoftSteps I will blog about young modern motherhood, parenting, fashion and much more!

I welcome constructive criticism & opposing views and appreciate your comments and feedback!

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you come more often :)

With love,


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